The 5 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat After 40

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4-week DIY program for the person who needs help getting back on track with an easy-to-follow program 



An 8 week, done-for-you program designed for the person who wants to take the guess-work out of “what should I eat”



A 12 week, done-for-you program designed for the person who wants need more information on this one 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to stay on the supplements forever?

NO! These are not typical “diet” products that usually contain a bunch of stimulants or are fake foods.. They are very safe and effective blends of herbs and vitamins that give your body a boost while you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Do I have to workout?

Weight loss is 85% diet.  But I recommend following the exercise structure laid out in the program because it is important for overall health. In just 30 minutes of activity 3 – 4 x a week. It is not aggressive or strenuous. This is designed for those who are currently sedentary or at a low level of activity to start.

What if I already workout?

Those starting at a higher fitness level can either continue on their current exercise routine or follow the program with modifications we have for intensity. You will absolutely get benefits from the food structure, mindset work, and supplements used should you continue on a different workout plan.

What if I need another month?

Depending on what your goals are and how far you have to go, it’s very realistic that you will need to continue on this journey. You will have access to the program and the Facebook group for as long as you need. You should plan to place any product orders at least one week before starting a new month to ensure they arrive in time and your plan isn’t disrupted.

Can I stay on the products without following the program?

These products are designed to support a healthy lifestyle; many clients stay on several after achieving their weight loss/health goals. Feel free to contact me to explore all your options.

What if I can’t eat everything from the Food Guide?

Everybody is different. We encourage you to eat a variety of foods for the health benefits but if there are foods you don’t like/can’t eat, it’s totally fine to skip them. However, it is key that you don’t substitute foods from outside the guide without enquiring first.

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