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Deana Brownlow


Behavior Change Transformation Coach

Deana Brownlow

I believe that weight loss  for women over 40 does NOT have to be complicated, restrictive or consuming. I know, first hand, that the tips and tricks women have used in their younger years often stop working and they feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted. Most programs focus solely on calorie deficit and excessive exercise; a woman’s body over 40 requires a different approach to create real results and last change.

"Weight loss does NOT have to be complicated, restrictive or confusing"

Deana has helped hundreds of women who have felt lost and have given up hope regain control over areas of their lives that they thought were no longer possible.

From weight loss to increased energy to overall health improvement, Deana’s signature programs help clients break through the barriers, get unstuck and create sustainable lifestyle modifications.

Deana is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Behavior Change Coach. She currently sits on the Ariix Wellness Council and co-founded Hello Healthy, an online private FB community. As a sought-after speaker, Deana debunked the myths surrounding weight loss. She shared her wisdom about achieving optimal weight loss after 40!

Deana has a BA in Economics from Albion College, an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a PN Level 1 certification from Precision Nutrition. She is also certified through ISSA.